A patch for MuSE

Update (4.3.2006): MuSE 0.9.2 is out (since December *cough*), with that version this patch is no longer needed. I will leave this page online for historical reasons - and for those who cannot upgrade (for whatever reason).

This is a patch for the Multiple Streaming Engine MuSE found at muse.dyne.org. It's for version 0.9.1. It's needed if you are using gcc 4.0.x.

Usage (as allways):
$ cd /path/to/the/source
$ patch -p1 < muse-0.9.1-p1.patch
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
Testet and developed using Ubuntu Linux (version 5.10).


It's a quick and dirty patch. Basically it adds some #include-statements and fixes some pointer arithmetic in pipe.cpp. Chances are high that this patch will break MuSE on 64bit systems.


Malte Meiboom (mm (at) netropol (dot) de)